Print Deadline & Specifications

Deadline is around the 20th of each month. The magazine begins distribution the first week of each month.
Home Improvement Guide is printed monthly to offer you flexibility in changing your ad copy.

  • • All camera ready ads must be at least 300 dpi.
  • • All color should be CMYK. If you submit an ad not in CMYK, the colors will be converted.
  • • All black type should be created as: 0% C, 0% M, 0% Y, 100% K
  • • All fonts must be embedded.
  • • Preferred file format for ad is a flattened PDF.

Web specifications

Please call to discuss deadlines and additional details.
  • Listing Ad: 1950px wide x 530px high, 300 dpi, RGB, JPG
  • Header Ad: 1140px wide x 180px high, 72 dpi, RGB, JPG