Advertising Benefits

Home Improvement Guide supports a multi-media strategy and approaches marketing in 3 ways.

Print Advertising

Print advertising offers a tangible product that is distributed through local retail locations, home shows and direct mailed to new homeowners. People feel secure in using a product they can flip through and hold.

Web Advertising

Web searches are another way to find out about your business. Our website is SEO driven and promoted in our print publications as well as our social media platforms to help people find out about you on the internet.

Coupon Advertising

Who doesn't like a great deal? We put your coupons directly on our homepage to give you the best chance of gaining customers. This is a unique service only offered by Home Improvement Guide.

Our cross-marketing strategies have proven successful. We offer our advertisers unique opportunities to connect with readers through print, online & in person.

HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE was launched in 1999 and has grown into one of the most popular home improvement magazines in the Northeast Region (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York & Connecticut). The magazine has unparalleled distribution and is also direct mailed to new homeowners. HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE offers local resources for homeowners at every stage of their renovation.

HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE is distributed at many home shows in New Jersey, Pennsylvanie, New York & Connecticut. We personally hand a copy of the magazine to every person that walks through the door. We connect with homeowners to let them know who we are and how we can help them in the home improvement planning process.

Homeowners read our magazine in preparation for their big home improvement projects. They check out who's in our magazine and compare what home improvement companies have to offer. HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE has become such a familiar entity that homeowners naturally seek it out and use it as they plan their renovation.

Our website, offers homeowners many resources for planning their home improvement project including access to roofers, carpenters, masons, window, kitchen and bathroom companies. The website contains a prominently displayed search feature populated with a database of our advertisers. Homeowners can type in exactly what they are looking for and get results instantaneously. We also have a prominently displayed coupon section where homeowners can take advantage of local special offers by our home improvement professionals.

HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE is the most comprehensive way to search for a local home improvement professional. If you want to be noticed, please consider advertising with us!